Wednesday 22 February 2012

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer CHA class

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer taught an amazing class at Cha
Julie is all about color and techniques.
Julie used stencils created from her art work that are
now manufactured by The Crafters Workshop.
Belinda and Elitia are so excited about their projects.
Elitia can't wait to use *metal*. Of course! 
Belinda and Donna want Julie's stencils as soon as
they arrive from CHA.
Paper Pastimes will be offering a workshop 
based on Julie's class. Watch your news letter for dates. 

If you have been attending our Demo Days you know how often
we incorporate stenciled designs in our projects. Stencils
are one of the most versatile accessories in your kits.
Spritz, spray, ink, paste, emboss (yes I said emboss).
1. Pressure emboss in your Bigshot. or
2.Stencil with Versamark, remove your stencil.
 Apply embossing powder to your design and heat.
WOW! How did you do that?
Get your stencils out and have fun.
We'll talk about Shimmer Sheetz next time.
Take care, Carole

Monday 13 February 2012

Behind the scenes at CHA winter 2012

I really am one very lucky and privileged lady.

Els includes me as team member with her business and therefore I am able to enter the exhibit hall before the show starts and stay after it closes.

I so enjoy all the excitement at set-up time. Helping to arrange the displays in Els booth is my favorite part of this process. (of course at the end of the show it all has to come down again)
We had so much fun with Deanna  (our very favorite *Glitter* lady), Haroldine and Bob (the best tape suppliers in Canada), Judi Kaufmann (amazing designer and such a good friend), Els, Joep and Millie

              You can only imagine the interesting input from the *helpers*.  
                       All suggestions had to be cleared with the CEO (Els).
Now imagine all this buzz with more than 450 booths setting up at the same time!! If you could have seen that chaos you would never believe the hall could be so beautiful by 10 am on Sunday
Did you know that just prior to opening the hall a wonderful ceremony including a parade featuring Scottish Bagpipes and CHA executives circles the show floor and heralds in the start of each CHA show?

Such a nice tradition.
Til next time, Carole